Roland B. Vendeland

Warmth, wisdom, and wit.

Roland B. Vendeland

The Employment Portfolio:
Identifying Skills, Training, Accomplishments, and References For The Job Seeker


With the job market such that it is, job seekers need an effective tool to help set them apart from their competition, and to highlight their accomplishments. This text bridges the gap between the resume and the job search by helping job seekers sharpen the focus on career objectives and identify skills and accomplishments. The S.T.A.R. approach provides an effective way to present one's Skills, Training, Accomplishments and References to a prospective employer - from setting up an interview, to enhancing the resume, to answering tough interview questions.

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One reader's review, published on states:

The Employment Portfolio gives more insight and direct guidance to the serious career and employment seeker than any new publication seen recently. With an easily remembered devise -"STAR"- you can begin your job search with intellegence and some understanding into what it takes to reach your full potential in the world of work. This book takes you by the hand and leads you far beyond the classifieds and job-service listings and into the world of personal insight, growth, and satisfaction with what you do for a living. Highly recommended.