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Roland B. Vendeland


Emerging Opportunities: Find Jobs Before They Exist

Over seventy percent of the jobs in this country are unadvertised. Finding them requires research and creative approaches. Tapping into this hidden job market is limited through traditional means. Effective research and networking techniques and innovative strategies are explored.

The Employment Portfolio: Identifying Skills, Training, Accomplishments, and References for the Job Seeker

In today's competitive job market, separating oneself from the crowd becomes very important. Employers are increasingly interested in what a potential employee has done and can do. A job candidate can always tell employers about his/her skills/achievements, but it is better to show them. This presentation explores how and why to develop an employment portfolio. The employment portfolio once the exclusive tool of the artist is now applicable to job seekers in any field.

How to Hire Employees Who Fit, and Work!

Character, compatibility, competency, and credentials. Identify attributes needed for the job. Identify them in prospective employees.

Secure Meaningful Employment in Five Easy Steps

Discover systematic approaches to find and secure employment. Job searches are often conducted in a random fashion. They need not be. This presentation defines and illustrates the most productive approaches to finding and securing meaningful employment.

Using The Internet to Find Unadvertised Jobs

Conducting a thorough search once required weeks of library research and correspondence through the mail. This research can now be accomplished within hours through cyberspace. Internet searches for advertised jobs begin with job web sites with announced positions. Searches for unadvertised job opportunities involves systematic searches for industry and company trends. The Internet provides the resources to target one's networking. A systematic search of informative web sites reveals emerging employment opportunities.

Career Position Marketing Seminar

The goal of this one-day seminar is to complete the process. Career counselors assist clients to identify meaningful careers matching their skills, interests and values and prepare appropriate documents to support these attributes. This represents only the first half of the job. To complete the job we need to demonstrate how to match and market this new-found awareness to potential employers. This is a participatory workshop demonstrating systematic marketing techniques. Methods of presentation include lecture, media and question and answer. Computer-generated projections or overhead transparencies accompany the presentation. Handouts include marketing research resources, letter/resume samples, telephone scripts, portfolio outlines, and interview questions.