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Roland B. Vendeland

Plan a Job Search Much Like You'd Plan a Fishing Trip

"Give a person a fish and feed him for a day.
Teach a person to fish and feed him for a lifetime."

Similarly, find a person a job and employ him for a few years. Teach a person to find his own job and employ him for a lifetime.

Locating and securing employment in today's competitive economy has become a specialized skill. The rules of the game have changed. Unfortunately, everyone has not received a new handbook.

Most of us go to great pains in selecting our cars, houses and our college but too often we approach finding a job haphazardly. We need to focus our efforts through the development of a job search strategy.

Through research I've found that planning a job and taking a fishing trip is the preferred method to developing a quality job search strategy.

To understand what I mean, please complete the following fishing trip inventory.

I intend to:

Fish for

Ask as to where I can find the fish

Ask on how best to catch the fish

Fish in bodies of water with:

lots of fish
some fish
no fish

Use bait that:

attracts fish
repels fish
entertains fish

Fish in of

Use and in my attempt to catch fish.

Done? You're ready to undertake the fishing trip based upon answers to the fishing trip inventory. Enjoy the fishing and finish the article when you return.


Welcome back. I hope you enjoyed the experience. I recommend "James Beard's Fish Cookery" to find a good recipe to prepare your catch. Now you're ready to develop your job search strategy.

To assist you in this effort, please complete the following job search strategy inventory.

I intend to:


Ask as to where one is likely to find a job and how to secure it

Select companies which employ:

many people with my skills
some people with my skills
no people with my skills

Use documents and strategies that will:

appeal to employers
disinterest employers
repulse employers

You are ready to implement your job search strategy inventory. Enjoy the experience.

For the technically inclined, I've found that one increases one's likelihood of employment through the use of effective tools and techniques, aimed at those prospective employers most likely to employ individuals with those same skills and credentials.

Pretty obvious, right? Not necessarily. Some people get so caught up in the job search that they forget to target their search to companies they want to work for. By taking the time to tailor your resume and search toward those companies it's easier to show how you fit into their plan. If you don't want to work for a company, why apply and waste your time trying to convince the employer you'd be a good fit?

For the allegorically inclined, I conclude that it's easier to shoot fish in a barrel than in a frozen lake.